Athena Madridejo Hernanadez aged 53 passed away peacefully on October 6, 2017 with her family by her side. Athena was born on February 14, 1964 to Abelardo Madridejo Sr and Esperanza Madridejo in Makati Philippines. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at AMA Computer College. She is survived by her husband Nonilon Hernandez and her daughter Kristine Hernandez. Her Celebration of Life will be held on October 12, 2017 at Lighthouse Memorial & Receptions- McMillan Center in Gardena. The viewing starts at 2 pm - 6 pm. The service starts at 6 pm - 7:30 pm and the reception is from 7 pm - 9 pm.

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  1. “ I will always love you Athena , Most of all I enjoyed being your nurse here at Rosecrans Care Center , You will be truly missed but always be remembered for all of your hard work and dedication … we’ll never find someone so sweet like you, these words couldn’t even amount to how much you mean to me

  2. You have been since the day I met a great person. Teaching teaching me things and helping me grow as a women wife and mother. I will always Love and remember you!

  3. You have been since the day I met a great person. Teaching me things and helping me grow as a women wife and mother. I will always Love and remember you!

  4. I truly cant believe that you are gone. I am glad i met you and you will be truly miss Gid has gain another Angel continue to watch over us

  5. Tita Teena, no words can describe how much sadness we are feeling right now. I am so blessed to have met you and being part of your life. You will always be part of the family. You will be missed. God has gained another angel. Always guide us from above. May You Rest in Peace. We love you.

  6. I love you Teena. it’s so sad to have found you again at thistime. I had been searching for you for so long on fb only to hear this news that you have left all of your loved ones and friends. You will forever be missed and will always be treasured as you ha been a great part of my college life. We’ll always pray for your soul.

  7. I still remember walking up to you at VEHC 14 years ago and you smiled at me asking me what position was I applying for. Although, the last few weeks were tough for you and as much I would like to erase those from my memory of you, you managed to unselfishly continue to crack jokes and make US laugh…and that was so wonderful about you. You always put everyone first. You made everyone SMILE. I’ll miss you, Ate Teens. Thank you for being my therapist, my guidance, my older sister, my friend and most of all THANK YOU for the memories we’ve shared together. Love you, Ate.

  8. I know that you are in better place up there but no words can describe how much sadness i’m feeling right now. I am so blessed to have met you , May Your soul Rest in Peace. Love you so much ❤️️ Keep watching Kristina you will be proud of her that she your daughter . ❤️

  9. Actually, i don’t know how and where to start. I am deeply saddened by what happened to you, ate Athena. Until now, i can’t really believed that you are no longer here with us. It was really unexpected. Last May, you were just there playing with us (nurses week).. It’s just really hard to accept because you are full of life.. Its been 2 years that I’ve known you and i can definitely and honestly say that since day one, you never changed. You are the same person, “a beautiful person” inside and out. Not only you welcome us with open arms when we started working at rcc, but you also treat us like no others. You are the nicest and the most wonderful person I’ve met. Everyday, you call me kamusta baby ko? I miss that ate.. Giving me continuous advices, especially when i started working as the dsd. You know i always talked to you everytime i have concerns in your office, and stephany is a witness. I miss your smile ate, your ever lasting kulit. I miss you wearing your t-mobile t shirt. I am very thankful and grateful that I’ve met you. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. I know that you’re in a good place now and no longer suffering from any pain. You are really an angel. Thank you again ate. Thank you also for always showing strength inspite of everything that you’ve experienced. You taught me to appreciate more about life. I love you ate and thank you.

  10. Tita its michelle again.. i just cannot phantom the reality of you being gone. I miss the times when you would just talk to me and comfort me or when we would just watch movies and laugh at random tqhings. you really did treat me like your daughter and it was an amazing feeling. you were always so welcoming and filled with positivity. thank you for accepting me as part of your family. thank you for making me feel special. you truly are my second mother. despite everythng that happened you still checked up on me making sure i was ok. tita i love you so much… i miss you terribly..

  11. Ate Athena, you were always cheerful and kind. You are one of the few people I know with the purest heart. I miss the days I’ve spent with you.. you are very dear to my heart. You are special in our hearts, and you will never be forgotten.

  12. I only met tita Teena twice or thrice and it feels like I’ve known her for years. She even brought me home once even if I lived 1 it 2 hours away from their place and she still had work the next day. Wish I was able to spend more time with you, tita. You will be missed.

  13. You always had this warm smile whenever I was over your house, never did I feel I wasn’t welcome and you’ve always treated me as if I was a part of the family. i didn’t get to know you that much but with those short amount of tImes I’ve seen and met you, I already knew you were a kind hearted and a thoughtful person, just like your daughter. I will always remember you that way. I’ll always be grateful to a God for He has led me to know you even for a short amount of time. Rest in paradise now, tita. You will always be missed.

  14. Teena❤️is so dear to us,she’s a very loving, caring & a cheerful person. I am so lucky to have met you. I’ve lost a sister & best friend but you will always be in my heart & I will always be here for your family❤️I love you sis.

  15. I will always remember you as a person full of love and life. I didn’t know you too well but I know you gave off good vibes the instant I met you. You have a wonderful family and Kristine is so blessed to be a part of you. She’s too kind with a gentle heart. That’s because she got it from her mama! I will miss you. Rest in peace.

  16. I remember ate growing up as a kid with full of joy and laughter, she was born with a great personality, cheerful, loving and caring. I miss those days that I and my Nanay visit you and get some BETA MAX and VHS tapes from Kuya Jun, then you guys will just hang out. Ate Rest In Peace, I have great respect for you, your awesomeness will never die and will always remember you for who you are.

  17. I would always remember Ate Teena with her kindness, her contagious laugh, positive attitude and for being so loving and caring for people around her. Not to forget! How she was so genuine for throwing jokes, effortless. That’s how I would always remember her and I will miss that for sure. I just hope that we’d got to hangout more ever since we got here in US. But work and life made us so busy. Ate Teena, I know you’re happy now especially you’re with God, Tito Blard and Tita Panchie. No more pain, no more suffering. Just happiness. You will always be in my prayers and in my heart. Please guide us especially Kristine always from above. We love you Ate Teena. We will miss you so much! ❤️

  18. I am one of the lucky ones that got to know your mom and work with her. I will always have the memories of her and our time together at at Villa. I remember laughing a lot and joking around. Teena was loved by many including me because she was so sweet and kind to all those she meet. It is so hard to believe she is gone but she will never be forgotten. I will miss her till we meet again ❤️

  19. Athena….you will truly be missed by all that you touched, and you touched many who came into your life…especially me. I’m going to miss your smile and your laughter that truly brightened up my day and carried on with me even when I got home to Papi. I’m going to miss the fun times that we had when we got together to go and eat Korean bar-b-que. I’m going to miss the times we shared together talking about the things that went on in our lives. You were sweet…you were kind…you were a true listener…you were always available when I needed someone to talk to…you were a true friend! I’m going to truly miss you….Papi msses you very much too! But, we know that you are in good hands now…the Lord Jesus Christ will take very good care of you for us! We miss you and Love You very much!

  20. Hi Maria! It’s me Tiffy. I would like to say thank you for everything. You were such a great person to everyone specially to me. You were always there for me when i neededd you. You always defended me regardless of what or whom. I learned alot from you. I feel very blessed to have met such a wonderful person like you. One of a kind. Thanks for everything. I know you’re in a better place now. You’re an angel that is looking out for me like always. I miss you and ❤ u. RIP Maria

  21. Ate Teens, i’m forever grateful for having you in my life for the last 7 years. Thank you for always being there to listen and give me advices throughout the times we worked together. You were never too tired or busy to show how much you care and love me like a daughter. We had so much fun memories with the rest of the gang, i will always cherish that. It breaks my heart that you’re gone, i wish i had more time to catch up with you. Although i know, you’re in a much better place now and for that i am glad. Thank you for EVERYTHING, you mean a whole lot to me. I will never forget you, i love you so much! See you in heaven someday. ❤️

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