November 25, 1946 ~ February 18, 2021

Born in: Nombre De Dios , Mexico
Resided in: Gardena, California

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    • candle 4Grandma u where the life of our parties no matter how down or sick u felt u never let that get to you u had a strong mentality and will u went through so many things physically and yet you will conquer them i know how u felt inside of you and I knew your thoughts but u kept pushing I knew u loved us all like we loved you I wish this was just a dream but its not the house feels empty without your presence I feel like a walk around and I see u everyday doing your daily routine loosing has been so hard on me but I knew this time something told me I was not going to see u again but im happy because your no longer in pain tita you where not well no more ur in gods hands and pain free I love you tita so much ❤

  1. candle 7Let the light of our candles find you the way to heaven pathways, feel all the love , prayers, and voices of your friends and family to keep you warm and to keep our memories in you, so when your reach those beautiful gates and you settle in your new home, u can wait for each one of us by guiding ,shining a bright light , and making that beautiful sound of manacas to know u are their for us always. May your sleep,and happiness for all time.

  2. candle 1I’ve never thought this day would come, my beloved grandma passing away. My grandmother was an amazing woman, she may have been very stubborn but when it came to me she would always worry for me and ask for me even call me many times and leave voicemails, even when I myself had Covid she was the first one to call me and ask about my health I am in a lot of pain to think that she’s gone, an amazing woman who took care of me since I was only months old I will always have you in memory I will always love you you’re forever on my mind and I will never forget the years we spent together even on our little amazing voyage through 5 states to get to Nebraska I will always remember you forever I love you grandma

  3. candle 1Tita,

    I didn’t know you very long but everytime I think of you, I’m reminded of your smiles and the jokes I would hear you make. I didn’t understand most of the time but I didn’t need to, to feel what you were thinking. I’ll miss seeing you bring out your instruments and singing away at our gatherings. It was heartbreaking to hear of your passing. I will keep you in my memories. I know you’re in a better place now and hopefully we’ll all be together again one day. May you rest in peace. I’ll be sending you thoughts and prayers.

  4. candle 1Tita ,
    I’ll always love and carry you in my heart, i told god to give you more time and let me see you one last time , but things happen when you least expect them And I know we shouldn’t stay mad at god or question him ,
    the last time we saw you at my tias house and we talked about my pops we cried a lil , mourned and reminisced together about all the good times we shared , although we lived far from each other u always made An effort to bring us all together ,the jumper business you had that me and pops would always be working on along side with you , I love how I get my business mentality from you , you showed and taught us a lot of good things , also the devotion to youre family also picking me and dorian up from school , coming to the house and bringing stuff together for us to make yard sales , teaching us a few things trying to take us to church , always bringing everyone together at my tias house with youre instruments and playing us music with them , you’re energy was always vibrant with that smile you carried no matter the situation , you loved to dance and bring us laughs and smiles , I love how you were the glue of the family that brought us together somehow someway every time , I’m never gona forget the time When I was only just a kid and we were in Gardena at my aunts watching Saturday night fever and there was an adult scene that happened in a car in the movie and I asked you what they were doing and you said “estan tenia do sexy” and I asked “tita que es sexo??” And you replied “ayy mijo es algo muy bonito” and that was youre answer and I never knew what u meant until I got older and this always stayed with me till now and it always makes me laugh because I remember how blunt you were specially with you’re jokes , now I know where I get some of my humor from ,
    The last time I I saw you was at my aunts shortly after my dads passing and I kept hugging you and i woulda never known that was the last time I would see you , but if I only knew it was gona be the last time I would of done things different to fix my situation that way I could be able to come see you more often , it really sinks my heart the way this all happened but I know we can’t stay mad at god , and it’s not even a goodbye tita it’s a see you later because we’re all going the same place , with time we will all meet again , I love you tita I hope you’re with us and watching over us , I feel you and pops all the time I know ur always with us so I’ll keep my head up and so will the rest of the family , thank you for everything you did for us and all the times and smiles u shared with us tita I love you and like I said I’ll see you later

    • so nice abiel we are always going to miss her like ur dad I miss so much but God knows what he’s doing.

  5. Mami la extraño. Demasiado. Aveses pienso q es solo un. Sueño q usted esta todavia. Viviendo ahi con. Rosa. No me ago a la idea. Q. Lla no la boy a poder ver. O. Ablar con usted x telefono siento. Como si alguien. Agarrara un. Martillo y. Me. Diera. De martillasos en. El. Corazon. .pero solo le pido a Dios. Q me de. Fuerzas. Y. Fortalesa para poder. Llegar. A. California y. Poder despedirla. Va a ser muy. Dificil. Para toda la familia ..como dicen todos usted siempre fue la algeria de las. Fiestas. Con. Su ***GUIRO**** Q. BAILABAMOS Y. CANTAVAMOS. Y NOS. PUSIMOS A JUGAR LOTERIA.. Pero. Llo se. Q al. Ratito. Boy a estar. Con. Usted. Y. Mi. Hermano q. Lo. Extraño. Tanto. Tambien. Pero. Al. Ratito los. Alcanso. Aganme un espacio. Alla. En el CIELO****


  7. It saddens me that We didn’t get to have one last hello/ goodbye & that I will never see you again In this life but I will have all the memories of you and us your grandchildren to remind me of all the great times we had. You were such a loving grandma to us always made my day when I would see you I remember always being happy when you would pick us up and take us with you on adventures. These are the memories that are worth a billion and more you will always be in our hearts ♥️ I love you and I miss you Tita I’m just glad to know that you and my dad will be reunited in peace, having each other once more. We miss you so much your memory will never fade.

    • yes their memories of tita and your dad will never fade they will always stay with us because it made a big impact in our 💕 ♥️

  8. candle 2Tita. Nunca me voy a olvidar de nuestras memorias que tuvimos juntos como familia. Yo siempre la quise con mi corazon. A perder de todo lo que paso entre familia siempre no’s mantuvimos juntos. Usted me compro mi primera computadora y siempre me asia sentirme bien cuando me decia que yo era intelligente. Nunca se enojaba de la carrilla que le daban en los party’s y comidas que asiamos. Me acuerdo que le sobaba los pies de nino por 5$ Tambien lo asia para que se sintiera bien. Gracias por llevarme a Mexico a la villa a ver a donde naci. Gracias por las risas y por ser tan buena conmigo. Ahora ya esta en el cielo con su Huiro, tamborin y sus maracas bien feliz oiendo los bee gees. Que descanse en Paz tita. Un dia muchos anos despues ojala no’s veremos otravez y le cuento del resto de mi vida. La quiero con todo mi tita… descanse en Paz.

  9. candle 7Tita usted me compró mi primer cuña cuando nací. Me acuerdo que me dicia como me cuidaba de bebé, la historias de nuestra familia en México, y como la vida era en sus tiempos. LlA de grande me acuerdo los consejos que me daba y siempre me escuchaba cuándo le comentaba mis ideas de negocios. Me alegra que mis niños la llegaron a conocer y usted a ellos y que haigan compartido memorias bonitas. Me acuerdo la vez que fuimos a Mazatlán y comimos en restaurante a lado de la playa con mi tío Chevo. Llo sé que usted sufrió mucho en su vida y aún así hico lo qué usted pudo para darnos bonitas memorias y consejarnos buenos. Sé que ahora está descansando y reunida con sus seres queridos qué usted tanto extrañaba. Sé que siempre va a estar con nosotros cuidándonos y protegiéndonos, que descanse en paz.

  10. candle 1Tía Angelina, Lucho hasta el último de sus días por mostrarnos una sonrisa; jamás se quejo de un dolor; nos dio el mejor ejemplo de vida y así es como lo debemos recordar. Ahora es un angelito más en el cielo. Nunca te olvidaremos Tía hermosa . Besos y abrazos hasta el cielo😇. Con cariño y respeto, su sobrina Tina 😘

  11. candle 4Las personas que hemos amado y que han partido siempre vivirán en el recuerdo de nuestros corazones. Puede que físicamente ya no esté con nosotros pero los momentos vividos jamás se han de olvidar. Tía por siempre en nuestros corazones.

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