Bugarin, Amalia Martinez Our beloved mother Amalia Martinez Bugarin, peacefully passed away after a courageous fight against cancer at her home in Moreno Valley, CA on October 11, 2008 with her children at her side. She was born in Tucson, AZ on July 14, 1937. She was a happy, loving, devoted, caring and proud wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Her gifts of love and selflessness will never be forgotten by her family and friends. She was reunited with her husband Benjamin Bugarin, who preceded her to heaven in December 2003. She is survived by two brothers, Conrad Martinez of Tucson, AZ; Jesse Martinez of Tucson, AZ; and by her ten children, Rosanna McClanahan of Lomita, CA; Felix Juarez (wife Pauline) of Wilmington, CA; Michael Red Deer of Lomita, CA; Yvonne Garcia (husband David) of Carson, CA; Alyssa Oldman (husband Darrell) of Ontario, CA; Benjamin Bugarin (wife Sabrina) of Pomona, CA; Rebecca Berning of Moreno Valley, CA; Roberta Wilson (husband Tony) of Murrietta, CA; Carlos Bugarin (partner Julian) of Los Angeles, CA; and Sarah Bugarin of Moreno Valley, CA. She is also survived by her eighteen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Amalia will be missed in all our lives, but will be remembered in our hearts and thoughts forever. A Gathering of Family and Friends will be held at White and Day Colonial Mortuary in Redondo Beach on Thursday October 16, 2008 from 4 to 8pm, with a Service beginning at 7pm. Friday's Service will begin at 11am at the Rice Mortuary Chapel in Torrance. Burial will follow at Green Hills Memorial Park in Rancho Palos Verdes. A Reception will then be held in Rice Mortuary's Lighthouse Room.

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  2. Grandma Bugs, wow, i cant believe your gone it seems like it was just yesterday we were all laughing and making fun of eachother. You were the light of this family you held us together..i know you were worried about a lot of us but now you have the best job in the world you can watch over us and whisper in our ears and lead us back onto the right path..i know that when iam lost in this world that all i have to do is look into my heart and i could hear your words and feel the warmth of your hugs and know that i will be ok because your walking this path right along with me.. It hurt to let you go because you were the only person that i could confide in and know that you were going to give me the wisdom that i needed to make the right decisions, you were the best role model anyone could ever ask for you made all us girls stronger because we shared your strength and you made the men a little sensitive. you gave us the seeds we needed in life to be better, stronger human beings and for that iam grateful. you will always be in my heart.. thank you for making me the woman iam today..thank you for loving me unconditonally and giving the extra encouragement i needed..thanks for being the greatest grandma ANYONE could ever ask is your time to rest in peace…i hope you and grandpa look in on us from time to time and always know that we love you and miss you dearly. p.s give my son a kiss for me and tell him momma loves him. yours, Natasha, Conrad, Annalyssa and Vanessa.

  3. My Dearest Mom/Best Friend, Yes, this day of sadness has brought me to my knee. But I must thank the the Lord Jesus Christ for my mom. I will miss her so much and yes she did deserve so much more. So loving and caring and often silly. She made me the strong/silly woman that I am today. P.S. thank you for letting me use you to play jokes on Alyssa.HAHA it did not work on me. And give daddy a big hug for me.OXOX

  4. Gmama, I’ve always known you to be loving, beautiful,a cook, care taker and not to mention a fighter. So it didn’t suprise me that you refused to get medical treatment. You just put your boxing gloves on and went at it with a smile and your butt up in the air(inside joke). I know your in heaven right now with our Lord and Savior. Grandma, don’t be suprised if they ask you to make your famous rice pudding. Joseph’s right about you always getting lost. we always knew it was an adventure going to the local market, it somehow ended up being outta town. I love you grandma. I will see you again at the end of my journey and have hoped to make you and our Savior proud. It would be awesome if you had some pudding on the stove when I arrive 🙂 Loving you Forever and ever, me.

  5. While we have missed Yvonne dearly in our office, we are so glad that she has had the opportunity to spend the time with her beloved mother in her journey to heaven. We know that Amalia’s love and beautiful spirit touched so many people in their lives—family and friends alike, and now her legacy can continue by remebering her example and “paying forward” to those that we love here on earth. Another beloved angel in heaven looking out for us! Many blessings to the Bugarin and Juarez familia!

  6. Molly, I still have trouble believing that you are no longer here with us. There are times I still want to pick up the phone to call you. I never thought in a million years that you would not be here with us. I thought you were invinsible. For the longest time I thought they made a mistake. I would joke with you and tell you just had tapeworm. I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for our family. I especially wanted to thank you for being there for me when I lost my parents. I thought of you as a second mother you have no idea what that meant to me. You also gave me my best friend, your wonderful son Benjamin. I also got six wonderful sister-in-laws and three great brother-in-laws. Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of this family. We will all miss you but we know that you are now with Ben and in time we to will there with you. Say hi to Dave and Judi for me. Love always, Sabrina

  7. Dear Molly, I miss you so much. I am angry and saddened for you to have left us so soon. But I know you are in a better place now. I keep thinking that your true love wanted you to be with him since he too left us before his time. I just imagine that he wanted to make it possible for you to stay long enough to make sure that everyone else was in a good place in their life before you were to join him. I never got the chance to ask you to be my grandma–as I was too chicken–I never was able to know my own grandparents. I always told Alex how fortunate he was to have you and his Grandpa Bugs in his life. You were always were so kind to me and treated me like I was a apart of the family ever since the first day I met you. And for that I am forever grateful. My heart aches for you and for Alex as I know how much he loves you. I will do my best to look after him. But I know you will always be there watching over him. I truly hope that Alex and I are as fortunate as you and his Grandpa in having true love and a successful marriage. You were a great role model with out even knowing it. I Thank you. Love you always, Wilma~

  8. Great Grandma, We miss you, and love you… Were going to miss dancing and hula hooping with you, we will always have you in are heart.. Anna & Vanessa Your loving Great-Grandaughters

  9. dear greatgandma I will miss you very much. I will miss the time we spent togahter and the times you kissed me on the head. I you well aways be in my hert. love conrad

  10. Grandma, Grandma I am no longer scared to say goodbye i have came to terms. Although i am lost, I know you are up there watching over me. You have taught me to be strong. i still remember when i was little and you walked me to school, or when i used to have nightmares and i used to go squeezed between you and grandpa, and when you used to go hide and we are were to go find you and you would scare us. i will always remember that no matter what i was always able to turn to you for advice if it was for just random thing in life or those cooking recipes that you knew. Grandma you will always hold the most space in my heart i will never forget you. you will always be my protector. i love you grandma. Thanks for the nickname grandma. Love you always

  11. Amalia Bugarin was like a second mother to me,as her daughter Sarah is my best friend and I used to spend a lot of happy times there when I was kid.She was a smart,gentle,kind,and very loving person who always made me feel welcome.The last fond memory I have of her is when me and my family came to visit last and she gave my four year old daughter a cute little baby doll in pink hoping to get my daughter to feel less shy, and also because I know it brought great enjoyment to her as it did my daughter.Amalia was very giving and was always thinking of others.She will be very much missed but never forgotten in my heart.

  12. Carlos, My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. May God bless you and keep you stong during this difficult time. Cindy

  13. Dear Carlos, I am really sorry for your lost. We are praying for her soul. Know that she is not suffering anymore and you know that she will always be with you. A mother is always with their children regardless if she’s here with us, or gone ahead to heaven. My deepest sympathy. love, Angie Channual

  14. I must admit that I was shocked and hurt when I heard that your mother had taken a turn for the worstbut I know she is resting with the lord. It was truly a blessing to have your mother as one of my patients. May God continue to bless your family.

  15. I pray you take comfort that if you have Jesus in your heart and he is your Lord and Savior, you have the assurance of see her again. God bless.

  16. Grandma I regret not spending those last days with you but when you forgot who i was it hurt me i just hope you still remeber me.I miss you so much.I miss being around you watching the lakers,coldcase,and csi.i love you grams your monkey sam p.s. tell chris and gramps i love them and to watch over my mom she needs it.

  17. Mom, My heart is broken, you were always my rock, I could lean on you when I felt sad. Talk to you so you could heal my soul.. You deserved so much more. You were a beautiful strong caring mother, who always had a smile or a story to tell…. You helped me be a strong mother.. I am going to miss you so much… I love you, and I know you will always watch over my children, grandchildren and me…I know God, has a special place for you, and that you are beautiful and in Gods loving embrace.

  18. Our deepest condolensces go out to you and your family during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you LOve, The Remeny Family

  19. Grandma you were all ways there for me when i needed you.I all ways remember when you and auntie becky or grand pa would walk with me and jake to target.I will miss you and your rice pudding and pumpkin pie.I will love you grams.

  20. Mom i miss you so much that i still think you are here with me. my days our empty without you. thanks for being the great mother that you are to me. my heart broke when you left me. you will always be my co pilot in life. I will always love you mommy. you will always be the center of my universe.i will miss your smile and warm embrace and your beautiful sense of style and grace.i wil love you for all eternity.

  21. Dear Bugarin Family, Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. May you find comfort in the warmth of family love and in your fondest memories of her. Sincerely, Ruby

  22. Querida Madre, No hay palabras que puedan describir la prdida y el vaco me siento en mi corazn en este momento. Eras mi luz y mi inspiracin. Sus palabras de compasin y confianza fueron la medicina para mi alma. S que usted est en un lugar mejor y con pap (Feliz Aniversario), y sin dolor, y que es ms reconfortante. S que nos observan desde arriba y caminar en la luz del sol. No hay ms preocupaciones. Mi amor por ti es eterno. Te amo y te enormemente.

  23. I wish there was one direct memory I could share but all I can think about is your loving smile, your hopeful eyes and how I never felt a moments hesitation that you loved me. Since the day you left you haven’t left my mind or my heart for a second.Thank you so much for being the most beautiful,loving,compassionate, honest being I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Your Loving Grandson, Jesse

  24. You will always be in my heart and soul.You are my rock. You kept me sane. I will always be thankful for you. And love you and rember everything you have done for me and the family.

  25. Grandma you will forever be in our hearts.You were the most caring person in the world.You meant everything to us and were greatful for everythig that you’ve done for us.We love you Grandma!

  26. Please be at peace knowing you were all lovingly there for her as she was for you. She will be met and reunited with many many faces on her new travels but will always hold you dear – Sincerely wishing we had more time with her, the cousins, Robert, Armando, Ricardo and Kathy…

  27. Grandma i will forever keep you my heart i never wanted to let you go gramps told me you get lost easy so when he left i would guide you and now he will take ur hand and lead you the rest of the way i so miss you i will keep doing my part for this big family we are strong you made us this way LOVE YOU Your Lil JOe

  28. Molly, Thank you for having a beautiful heart big enough to welcome my family into it. We will miss you and your gentle ways. You will always be a part of our memories. Because of you I have my sister, Bob, and I will keep my promise to you…Let Ben hold you now and enjoy eternity with him.

  29. Dear Mrs Bugain, I am so greatful to have known you, and to have become a part of your family. I am saddend that I was not able to spend more time with you, and to have had the chance to get to know you a little better. From the time I did spend with you, you were always kind, loving, caring, warm and compasionate to me. I will always remember you for welcoming me into your family. In our last conversations, before you fell ill, you asked me take care of your baby. I always hugged you and got choked up and never really got these words out, I promise you I will take care of him always. I wish you eternal peace…. Love Always, Julian

  30. A beautiful grandmother and great-grandmother she was. I will remeber her most for her beautiful smile, caring soul, and endless love. I will also remember her spanish rice! Something I will try my best to duplicate. I always have and always will love you and keep you in my heart. Rest peacfully, and enjoy that dance grandpa has been saving for you! Love, BRandi and Jaylen

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