Born on November 24, 1950 in Angeles City in his native Philippines, Adelio Velasquez Catamisan was Bayani (Bining) and Cleotilde's (Tending) first child. "Adel", as they nicknamed him, brought his parents ultimate pride and joy. Two sisters followed, Belinda Catamisan and Erlinda Paprocki. Adel spent his childhood between their homestead in Angeles and Ternate, Cavite, his dad's hometown which they frequented during the holidays and summer vacations. Adelio attended elementary school at Holy Family Academy alongside his batch- mates and graduated in 1963. At HFA, "Del", as fondly called by his classmates, developed lifelong friendships with his "barkada", who remained a permanent fixture in his life. Del received his high school diploma from Don Bosco Academy in San Fernando, Pampanga with the Class of 1967. The family relocated to metropolitan Manila to accompany Adelio during his collegiate years. Adelio earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics at San Sebastian College in 1971. Del worked for the Philippine government until he traveled to Norway in 1977 to visit extended family. A year later, Adel made his way to Detroit, Michigan. It was there where he met his love, Teresita (Tessie) Reyes. By April 1979, they were married and shortly afterwards moved to Southern California. "Dale", as coined by his colleagues, worked for the aerospace industry as an aircraft mechanic for Northrop, where he thrived and prospered. November 8, 1980 brought a whole new meaning to Del and Tessie's lives when son, JV (Jan Vansdale) was born. Within a couple of years on September 18, 1982, JC (Jan Curtis) entered and completed their family. Fatherhood came naturally to him. Adelio also re-entered the life of his eldest son, Reggievic Tiongco Catamisan who previously lived in the Philippines. Del was a loving and caring "Dad" to the boys. In 1998, to avoid the narrowing of Adelio's artieries, he went through a procedure called an angioplasty wherein a stent was placed to improve his blood flow and help support his arterial lining. Del changed to a healthier lifestyle following this. Despite the shift in habits, heart surgery became necessary in 2008. Adel further adjusted his routine and embraced his fresh start by being completely mindful of his health. Earlier this year, Adelio celebrated a milestone with Batch 63 as they marked their 50th year reunion in the Philippines. Del and the barkada reminisced on their younger years and revisited their old stomping grounds. Adel and Tessie have been enjoying retirement together. After over 34 years of marriage, they took pleasure in the simple things in life and as a favorite pastime found themselves every so often at the local casinos. Unexpectedly, Adelio passed away on October 31, 2013. His death comes as a shock to all who know and love him and he will be missed tremendously. Dale will leave a lasting legacy with family and friends who can attest to his welcoming warmth, true-hearted thoughtfulness and silly sense of humor. Adel exhibited fervor for life and lived it to the fullest while at the same time epitomizing a loyal family man. Del's fun loving nature made him a delight to be around. Adelio Velasquez Catamisan – Adel/ Del/ Dale is survived by… Tessie JV, JC, and Reggievic & Frances Tiglao (daughter-in-law) Bely Catamisan and Erlie & John Paprocki (brother-in-law)

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  1. Del was a neighbor, a confidante, a friend, a batchmate, a brother, a knight to all who knew him. He will be deeply missed. My sympathy to the family, to Bely, his sister who was our batchmate, to his wife Tess and children. Del will always be remembered of his honesty and faithfulness to his friends. May you rest in peace, always.

  2. Lolo Del, we will miss you and we love you so much! May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord let His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He look upon you kindly and give you peace! From you precious apos….

  3. Dale, my newfound cousin from the Velasquez side. Though, we never met personally, I have sensed the kamag-anak feeling between us when we conncected on FB. You told me stories about Bapang Puling and Imang Doring who were my neighbours back home. I am praying for the eternal repose of your soul. To your beloved wife, Tess and family, I am extending my sincere condolences and sympathy. God bless…..

  4. Adelio, that was name we always called you by. Those of us who knew you from the early elementary grades at Holy Family Academy, through high school at Don Bosco Academy and on to become part of the enduring “barkada” learned how to call you by your Americanized name, “Dale'”, with a bit of hesitation and amusement. Anyway, you were one who always liked to clown around and relished every opportunity for a good laugh. Fate would have it that most of the old “barkada” would come to the US to settle down, and you were one of a few who made a serious effort to keep in touch. You would call me at all odd hours (you were in the west coast and I was on the east coast), but I dis not mind because you always made me laugh. I felt favored because you took the time to stay connected and generously served me up with much-needed comic relief every time. Surely, I was blessed by the warmth of your friendship, the loyalty of your heart and the levity of your humor. You were a true friend and my biggest regret is I waited too long to find the time to get together. And now that you are gone, I cannot even say goodbye to you. One day, we will pick up where we left off.

  5. lolo del,
    I love you. im happy for you beacus your with god but im sad your gone. tell lola-lola and lolo-lolo I said hi.
    love kaiya

  6. Del,
    up to now I still could not believe that you’re not with us anymore. I was shocked to hear the sad news the morning of Friday in the Philippines. I will truly miss your weekly phone calls to me and your Atching Cora. We talked a lot of things we have in common: like our vices, our love of boxing, good times in the Philippines, and our barkadas. You will not be forgotten and all of our happy memories will stay for now until our next meeting…

    Our condolences to you Tessie,JV, JC, Bely, Erlie , and to the whole family.
    KongGay and Atching Cora and Family

  7. We were so sorry to hear
    about the death of Uncle Del. You’re in our thoughts and prayers, now and in the days to come. With our sympathy, Hazel & Jeremy
    & kids

  8. To the Dale Family: Although no words of sympathy can ease the loss you bear, still, may you find some comfort knowing others truly care. May dale rest in peace. He will be missed by family, friends, Classmates and Batch mates.

  9. On behalf of my family, Juanita Tinio Roman (mother of Jocelyn, Joyce, Jiji, and Jolly) please accept our prayers and deepest sympathy to Bely, Erlie, and the family of Delo. We are your second cousins from the Goingco side. He is now at peace and has returned home to his Creator.

  10. Condolences to Dale’s family. Please know that Dale will always be in our hearts and prayers. We will miss him, but, we expect to meet him again in the next life.

  11. My hearfelt sympathy to the bereaved family of Del. You’re
    all in my thoughts and prayers. Mass will be offered for the eternal repose of his soul. May his soul and souls of all the faithful departed to the mercy of God rest in peace, Amen.

  12. Heartfelt condolences to the family of Dale especially to Bely his sister who is our batchmate in HFA 1963. Dale had many qualities but the most endearing one was his ability to make you smile in no matter what situation you were in or was feeling at any given time. Dale always had a ready joke to lighten up the mood. He was generous with his compliments and never failed to make you feel special especially if you get to be his friend.
    Our grade school reunion would never have been a success had he not tirelessly connected with many of us here in the US. Thank you for your friendship Dale. You will surely be missed. Your family is blessed to have been the center of your life and am sure they are really proud to have had someone like you. May your soul rest in the arms of our loving Father in heaven my friend. Watch over all of us and pray for us as well.

  13. Cong Adel, your first statement always when calling me ” o komusta na”. It is unbelievable that you left us. October 31, you just called me and we talked, just after oneday we talked and you are gone. I am grateful, happy , you called me and hear your voice.. Now I know, you saying goodbye … Onething, which will always remind me about Cong Adel “why you don’t answer your cell phone Mariet ,it is off, I said. Then you tell me ” better throw your cell phone if is off . you all the same like your ate Tessie, she don’t answer her c. Phone. This is Cong Adel, he talk straight . But , he is a caring cousin, a concern person and thoughtful. I’ll missed you !! Love you.

    Our deepest condolences to Cong Adel’s family.
    Wes, Mariet,Rollie,Mina, Going, Winnie & Family

  14. Our thoughtful & caring friend, Del… “Sweet Dreams””& Rest in Peace. We will miss you.
    Tess, JV, JC, Reggievee, Bely, Erlie & family, our deepest sympathy! Please know, you are in our thoughts & prayers.

    Ray Gitlie & family

  15. Del
    Thank for being my friend.Remember when we saw Van Halen in
    in Concert@ The Anaheim Stadium back in the 80’s.You are Trulyindeed my big brother and a friend.Till we meet again.
    My our Father in Heaven Creator of The Universe open the Gates
    of Heaven that you may Enter into His Kingdom and Live Forever.

  16. Pareng Del, ….Moroso!! a mimiss da na ka. I will miss your calls, our conversations and laughter. Lately, I have been reminiscing the past in our younger years. We use to get together after you do your work for the city, collecting from the vendors keng palenke….then we go eat at Cool spot, halo halo, and palabok with spam….manyaman! and then we go see Nick to watch a movie for free….so many memorable times. Pareng Del until next time namu!!
    Love and prayers, Melvyn

  17. Since the day Erlie and I wed, I have always been received with open arms by the Catamisan family. And with our marriage I gained a fourth brother, Adel. During the last 30 years we have gained trust and respect in one another. Early
    on, I often found myself watching and listening how Kuya handled things. Unknown to him until now, he educated me in kindness, forgiveness, and marriage.

    Recently I was helping Adel rid his computer of viruses from watching boxing on it. Funny, he asked ME to be patient with HIM after 45 minutes in getting him to either Right or Left click the mouse.

    Adel had his share of ups and downs as most men do, and Tessie stood by him – Thanks Tessie. “Remember, it’s not how you start the race, nor what happens in the middle of the race, but it’s how you finish the race of life that really counts.”

    By the way Adel, the Gallop horse shampoo you sent me never grew a new hair on my head, but I think it made me run faster! Save me a good seat up there Brother.

    Tessie, JV, JC, Reggievic, Bel, Babe, and girls I’m so very sorry.

  18. Uncle, I’ll miss all the random things you would say or do, the way you made me laugh, and how blunt you are. There is definitely no one else out there like you. I still can’t believe your gone.. it makes me really sad. Love you.

  19. We send our love and support to uncle Del’s family and friends, from all of us here in Manitoba, CA. You are in our thoughts!

  20. Merry Xmas, tito Dale. You are deeply missed by everyone here in Norway. Though we don’t often see each other. I am so happy to have been able to visit you these last two years before your passing. We miss and we love you. Love and prayers from all of us in Norway.

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