Cremation Caskets

Purchasing a cremation casket or alternative container is a big decision. Review our selections, knowing that purchasing a casket through our mortuary ensures quality control, and qualifies for a substantial discount on Package pricing.

Rental Casket

Cherry Hardwood (High Gloss Dark Finish) (Grande)
Interior : Champagne Velvet

Traditional Pine

Solid Pine Wood (Natural Light Satin Finish)


Fiberwood (Laminated Medium Cherry Finish)
Interior : Blue Crepe

Rental Casket

Oak Wood (Satin Medium Tutone Timber/Shaded Finish)
Interior : Rosetan Crepe


Cardboard (Aruba Bronze Cloth)
Interior : Rosetan Crepe


Cardboard (Tabor Blue Cloth)
Interior : Ivory Crepe

First Step

Cardboard (Woodgrain Finish)
Interior: Ivory Crepe

Wood Bottomed Cremation Container

Wood Bottomed Cremation Container

Corrugated and Plywood (Light), No Interior

Cardboard Box

Corrugated Cardboard (Light) cremation casket with no interior

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