A core experience for honoring tradition, observing religious rites, sharing memories, and celebrating a life well-lived – let us help personalize all of the details for a tribute ceremony. Here are just some of the possibilities.

White Bird Release

20 to 50 white birds will be ceremoniously released at a cemetery, chapel, church or other outdoor location, symbolizing the release of the spirit. Family members or friends may choose to participate by releasing the first birds.

Veterans Honor Guard

A Military Honors Ceremony is available to all honorably discharged United States veterans, and includes presentation of the American flag, and the playing of Taps.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Lighting a candle to honor the memory of a loved one can be a simple, but meaningful way of remembering a special life. In this ceremony, each participant lights a candle from one main candle, signifying the light that their loved one created in them.

Flower Placement Ceremony

Flowers are made available for family members and guests to place on the casket, near the urn, or near a tribute photo.

Scattering at sea Ceremony

Scattering at Sea

Family members and friends will board a boat in King Harbor or Marina del Ray and cruise out to sea for a memorial ceremony. Cremated remains will be placed in a basket, covered with flowers, and lowered to sea. As the cremated remains disperse, the boat will then circle the area, allowing everyone to reflect and bid final farewell.
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