Celebration of Life and Memorial Options in Los Angeles County

Our compassionate staff understand there is often a need to commemorate a life at a later time. We are experts at helping you create a meaningful Celebration of Life, Memorial, or Commemorative Anniversary service. There are no limits to the unique offerings, including local indoor and outdoor locations including beaches, gardens, and golf courses. Every detail will be attended to, creating a memorable ceremony for all family and friends gathered to honor the life lived.
Location or a Church

Celebration of Life / Memorial in Our Location or a Church

Our professional staff will coordinate with your church to honor your important religious traditions to pay tribute to a loved one and celebrate their legacy in a Funeral Service, Celebration of Life, or Home-Going. We’ll do the same for events held in one of our conveniently located funeral homes, creating ceremonies, playing special music, displaying remembrance items, floral arrangements, and hosting a Reception / Repast in our exceptional facilities to honor the life lived.

Beach - Celebration of Life / Memorial

Our local Southern California Beaches can be the right place to celebrate a special life. We take care of the logistics, permits, and personal touches to help family and friends honor the life lived.

Beach PG22
Botanic Garden2

Botanic Gardens - Celebration of Life / Memorial

South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes Peninsula is one outdoor Garden which lends a lush and beautiful backdrop to create a meaningful tribute to honor a life. We’ll find the perfect outdoor location for your event, reflecting respect and natural beauty to honor the life lived.

Hotel or Restaurant - Celebration of Life / Memorial

Holding a memorial at your favorite restaurant or at a hotel may be the perfect venue for you and your guests to be comfortable. We will coordinate with the venue event staff to personalize the day, set up and operate our equipment, and oversee all the details during the Memorial to celebrate a life.

Hotel or Restaurant
Park or backyard

Park or backyard - Celebration of Life / Memorial

A city or county Park, or even someone’s own Backyard can be a fitting location to create a meaningful tribute to celebrate a life with family and friends in a familiar setting. We will bring in and operate our sound and video equipment and oversee all the details to make the Memorial personal and fitting.

Lodge or Private Club - Celebration of Life / Memorial

Your lodge or private club might be the perfect place to celebrate your loved one’s life. We coordinate with the facility’s event staff to set up the site with our equipment and personal touches. Life will be celebrated with family and friends in a comfortable setting.

Lodge or Private Club
Auditorium or Stadium

Auditorium or Stadium - Celebration of Life / Memorial

A memorable tribute can be held in any size auditorium or stadium, allowing for larger gatherings.  We will coordinate with the venue event staff to plan all the details.