Available Options

Whether your choice is for burial or cremation or even if burial or cremation has already occurred elsewhere, Lighthouse Memorials & Receptions helps you with everything from a traditional funeral to the most unique and personalized life celebration. You have limitless options – a church, cemetery, one of our exceptional ceremony and reception centers, the beach, a botanic garden – choose what honors a life and let us handle the rest.

Casketed Burial

Honoring family traditions are important and we are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding a possible viewing, location of services or a life celebration, and other personal customized touches to honor a life. We work with cemeteries locally, in all of the nation, and internationally as well.

Cremation and Service Options

Every life is unique, and our goal is to provide a personal tribute that best reflects the life lived. We’ll help you explore options regarding cremation, possible viewing details, location of indoor or outdoor services or memorials, and other personal customized touches to honor a life. We are experts at personalized life celebrations in unique venues.

Celebration of Life or Memorial

When Burial or Cremation has already occurred

Our compassionate staff understand there is often a need to commemorate a life at a later time. We are experts at helping you create a meaningful Celebration of Life, Memorial, or Commemorative Anniversary service. There are no limits to the unique offerings, including local indoor and outdoor locations including beaches, gardens, and golf courses. Every detail will be attended to, creating a memorable ceremony for all family and friends gathered to honor the life lived.